„Supporting a charity has always come along with spreading the word and being emotionally involved. This journey is not only about mileage and personal goals. Being part of a greater cause was one of the reasons PAR is alive.“

The international child relief organization NPH (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos = Our little brothers and sisters) cares for orphans and children in need in nine Latin American countries. Since its founding in 1954 , more than 18,300 children have grown up in the NPH Children’s Villages. Donations and sponsorships secure their support and training. NPH Austria is part of the international NPH group and is awarded with the Austrian Spendengütesiegel, donations are tax deductible.

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NPH Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Österreich - Jedes Kind braucht eine Familie
osteuropahilfe internationales Hilfswerk - Triumph des Herzens

The Eastern Europe Aid «Triumph of the Heart» was founded by P. Rolf-Philipp Schönenberger in 1993 as an international relief organization and supports for over 20 years poorest families and street children in many Eastern European countries such as Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Romania. In several countries of Eastern Europe the Swiss Aid Organization operates nurseries for the supervision of milieu-damaged children and provides a variety of social assistance in communities and parishes.

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„Getting information out there is one of the priorities of PAR. Whether it is in blogs, articles, videos or presentations. The moment you tell the story it starts to have an impact on people.“ – Battling the Atacama desert

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