According to forum posts, reviews and co-travelers, US based company OLD MAN MOUNTAIN is the cradle to some of the best rear and front racks you can find in todays emerging bike touring market. But getting a hand on one of those sturdy aluminium racks is another story.

Basically there is just two online-shops overseas that have OMM in stock – one in Switzerland and another one in the UK.



I opted for the second option and the promising offer of a Sherpa rack that is as tough as it gets and compatible with 29″ and 26″ at the same time was simply too tempting to resist!

In theory attaching a OMM rear rack to a Cyclo Cross bike is a straight forward process. Considering the importance of the rack on the upcoming trip I decided to have a professional sorting out this last minute adaptions on my touring bike.

Finding trustworthy bike dealers comes always a long with friendship. Therefore Andreas Ortner from BIKESPORT ORTNER was my first choice and and his family run enterprise would’t disappoint me.

To cut a long story short, Andreas solved a tricky problem in quite a short amount of time and helped me out in such generous way  that I will always remember his words „the best rack is nothing worth if it doesn’t fit„.


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