The year is coming to an end – time to clean out the closet and make some room for the N-E-W. What a cracker it’s been and how did we rock the Pan American Highway. So what were the big surprises, the most outstanding moments and the stunning facts of 2016? Well, this is a unique mashup of them all and we will make sure to embrace them for a lifetime!!!!


Heading out of Ushuaia is a pretty special feeling considering the sheer scale of such an adventure….


………but it didn’t take long and Panam Rouleur would face some much more worldlier problems…..



I wish I could say there were happy faces all around…



All lot of people say when you are traveling you are just on a „holiday„…..well I guess those people should have seen the shit we had been doing at the Chilean border….



After all there was plenty of cake in Frutillar so everyone would be happy again….



Camping is a really big deal in Torres del Paine…..well some people took camping so seriously that they ended up burning down a good portion of TdP National Parque……emm it wasn’t me….



…..speaking of porridge – food was a big deal too…but I have no freaking idea what I am eating in here…..



This came pretty close to huevos fritos.….which means fried eggs….and this means breakfast for the champions…..



Sometimes I was so full of cycling and eating or the other way round that I just decided to stand around for a while and not cycle and eat…….



And as soon as I got back on the bike the next breakfast/lunch/dinner would be walking up the road ……..



Another thing I took very seriously besides cycling and eating was studying. Man, did I study. Jesus Christ after cycling through the Atacama I can remember every gas station for at least 2000 km and in todays demanding job market….I am sure I will benefit from this incredible know how one day……



Never underestimate the size of dogs if you are cycling the Panamericana.



Random people I shared the room with…..well there was quite a few too…



In the Modern Art Museum in Santiago I came across this sculpture – it would haunt me for the remainder of Chile…



Another pretty haunting image was seeing my backpack buried underneath….500 other backpacks



And here  she is „mi pareja“ in all its beauty….