Kofferpacken.at caught up with me back in January a couple days before heading out of  Buenos Aires. What has happened ever since and what Panam Rouleur was up to on his birthday can be found right here.

Reisen und Sicherheit in Honduras: „Ein mulmiges Gefühl bleibt“


Sometimes our lives take weird twists and turns. And the more often we question ourselves „how did I really end up here“ and „what has triggered all of this“, the more you start to cherish these moments.

Well for some reason I got to spend my birthday with distant friends Alina and Juan Carlos from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Out of the many memorable things  I did on my birthdays over the past couple years this could have been on the very top of that list!

After spending about 20 years in Honduras, a country that has gone frome quite something to almost nothing in recent years, Alina stuck with her plan to settle here in quite some fashion.

Taking a 3-hour car ride to Playa de Eden and having a couple of drinks and crackers with cheese might not sound too dramatic to most people but to me it surely does.

On the list of the world’s most dangerous cities Honduras has for the past few years always come up with the sole frontrunner.

Doing this little trip with my newfound friends was somewhat of a curiosity I just couldn’t resist. So as I sit by the water and have my feet slowly turning into ripe tomatoes I keep thinking „Man, what have you been up to this time?“

And mostly because I got to spend this birthday with people that envision the same way of life I do – I promised to myself “ to stick to my guns whatever comes around!“